Social Media Management

Social media marketing references the use of social media platforms like FacebookInstagram, Twitter, Pinterest (and more), to reach your targeted audience and business goals. no matter what your goal is be it to grow brand awareness within a niche sector or to drive large quantities of sales in a mainstream industry, we have you covered.

Social media advertising can solve a variety of business problems, from  product launch and brand awareness, to harvesting quality leads and sales. At Nyne Media Advertising we have a clear understanding of how to use social media to achieve your objectives and how to link it with other channels.

Social Platforms we use


We use social media advertising to build an engaged community who advocate your brand and promote your services. A strategic approach to social media advertising is essential, social media advertising done right has a valuable ripple effect and can generate ongoing leads and customers.


Social media has become an important part of any effective marketing, continuity can be time consuming and difficult. That is why we manage your social media profiles and pages effectively. We aim at producing useful result that drives sales.

Content Creation

At Nyne Media, we create unique content that truly resonates with your brand and engages your audience. From graphic design to campaign content. Looking at an in-depth analysis of your goals, competitors and target audience, we come up with creative content ideas that best represent you.

Influencer Campaigns

In today’s world, it’s not just about what you say – it’s about who’s saying it. That is why in influencer marketing we find the most powerful people on social media whose audience is relevant to your brand and getting them to talk about your brand or product; that way gives your credibilty.