Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

At Nyne Media we setup and manage ads for your business on google search network using a comprehensive selection of specific keywords, target locations and audiences that best communicate with your products and service. With Google Ads, your budget is variable and flexible – you only pay when a potential customer clicks your add, so you’re only paying for potential business. Now that’s a win! Depending on the competition of the keyword/s, your search advert will show up in the search results at the top of the page.

You will require a budget to use this marketing option (but it can be tailored to suite your specific needs and budget), and you should be aware that this method that this method needs time and dedication to work. 

We work to not just bring traffic to your site, but quality traffic that can lead to sales. All websites are not the same, so why should marketing strategies be the same? You will have a dedicated team managing your PPC campaigns on a daily basis.

Paid Search Advertising

We help you get your website to the top of a search results page is an excellent way to increase your site’s traffic. Doing this naturally through SEO takes time, dedication and patience. What if you need your website to be seen today, its an excellent way to start.

Display Advertising

Display advertising plays a crucial role in digital marketing, both for direct response campaigns and brand awareness. Display Ads, often known as banner advertising, can be a relatively cost effective method of exposing your brand to large numbers of potentially relevant audiences.


This is a great way to gain back business that might previously have been lost. Remarketing allows businesses to target previous visitors to their website through other websites or platforms. We help manage the two main types of remarketing through Google AdWords and Facebook.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping Ads, are Product Listing, this is a solution for e-commerce businesses who want to drive more sales and revenue through their websites. It’s proved and delivered an excellent result for many of our clients. Google Shopping Ads appear at the top of the search results, with a product title, price and image